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Unlocking Your Phone During the Pandemic

One significant Pandemic inconvenience is trying to unlock your Android phone while you are wearing gloves. [1]

It is problematic to continually have to type in your passcode to get to your device whether you are in a grocery store, online waiting for takeout, or inline waiting for COVID-19 testing.

Fortunately, there is a “cure” for this.

We have been reviewing a product, Everykey, that eliminates this issue as it automatically unlocks your devices when you come within close proximity whether it is a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

Everykey is the intersection of security and convenience.

Everykey not only protects devices via automatic locking and unlocking, it also manages your passwords on multiple devices. It offers an all-encompassing password management function that supports multiple devices, browser-based and stand-alone applications.

The founders of Everykey decided to implement this product via a hardware (key fob)/software solution. Once the key fob is synched with each device, the software running in the background works in conjunction with the key fob to secure the device and manage the application passwords on that device.

The most intriguing aspect of this product is the attention to ease-of-use throughout, from device locking and unlocking to password management. I found the uploading of passwords to be effortless. Updating of new or changed user ID’s and passwords was accomplished via “one-click” pop-up boxes that only ask for confirmation.

Lastly, the battery life far outlives mobile devices as it can last over a week without recharging. When it needs to be recharged, it sends you an email notification.


For more information on Everykey, click here.

Harold Kreitzman, VP, Strategic Advisory Services

NYC Research Group, Inc.

[1] iPhone unlocking is a future enhancement.

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