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Engage Funding Sources Early: Create a Roadmap That Will Appeal to Investors

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Looking to raise capital? Start now, don’t wait! A common mistake that founders and entrepreneurs make is waiting to begin raising capital until the day they are ‘ready’. There is a better way. Start from day one and make sourcing funds something you pay attention to all the time.

When raising capital for your company, making connections is crucial.

Investors will invest in companies that they know and trust from recommendation by someone they know. Building relationships with potential investors, business partners, industry experts, and mentors can help you gain valuable insights, advice, and the investor referrals you need. By attending industry events, networking conferences, and online forums, you can expand your professional network. At these events, you can find potential investors or people who can make the introductions to those who invest in your industry and can believe in your company and what you are looking to achieve. Furthermore, having a strong network can provide you with the necessary support in all aspects of your growing business and can offer guidance during the fundraising process. Their experienced help will have a positive impact as you navigate the complexities of a budding business, raising capital, and thus increasing your chances of success.

Consider the concept of an investor-focused roadmap.

The roadmap is a multi-step or event outline which contains facts, plans, targets, goals and more, that an entrepreneur creates to communicate with investors regularly. It can include the items about the market opportunity, financial and sales information, describes the team you have assembled or have plans to onboard, market uniqueness, intellectual property (IP), market demand, barrier to entry, and a million other things you can dream up to entice investors to engage with you and ultimately fund you.

Creating a clear and compelling roadmap provides you the content to guide you in regular communications to investors.

Create your business plan, goals, and strategies for achieving them. Then by regularly informing your audience of your targets and subsequently reporting successful achievements, you will motivate investors to invest in your company. Your roadmap can start with an overview of your company, including its mission statement, product or service offerings, target market, and competitive landscape. From there, you provide a detailed description of your business strategy, including your revenue model, marketing plan, and financial projections. It's also important to highlight your company's competitive advantages, such as unique technology, intellectual property, or partnerships. Include information regarding your team's expertise and experience, demonstrating that you have the talent and skills necessary to execute your plans.

Finally, you should outline your growth plans and milestones, showing investors how you plan to achieve success and return on their investment. By providing a comprehensive and well-researched roadmap and repeatedly reporting your progress, you build trust and that will increase your chances of attracting investment while building a successful company according to the plan.

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