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Get All the Pertinent Information Before Getting Off the Call

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Ever get off a phone call excited about the results and celebrating about the bright future only to find out a few days later that the person you dreamed up all these great plans has gone missing, and all your calls and messages are ignored? No, the person is not dead, you just did not get all the information and you were smoked! That large investment at off the charts valuation is NOT happening. The sale of the century is NOT happening.

Do yourself a favor, next time, before getting off the call get all the info you need and deserve. There is always more to the truth than you hear in the first breath. In sales situations, the BANTP acronym can guide toward the truth. It can be adopted to other situations. Have a full conversation using the items below as a guideline only. No need for an inquisition.

Use BANTP to guide you to the truth!

• Budget; where is it coming from and how will funding happen for this project? Wasn’t planned, was it? Having this conversation will provide an early indication of the workings of the organization.

• Authority; who pulls the strings and who approves? You? Really? No one else will be involved? Ah! There are others, then, what do you think their positions will be?

• Need; why do this? Do you really want more business? Can your company handle the additional work? How? Before today, were you concerned about additional business?

• Timeline; what are the things that need to happen from now until the funds are in your bank account?

• Pain; How will this impact you? What is the personal reason you’re doing this? We know that people only do things if there is something in it for themselves. Agreed? Find out those reasons. One or more of the following must exist: promotion, more money, avoid being fired, not go out of business because there are not enough clients, or ultimately not be able to feed the family.

Keep in mind that none of the information in BANTP should be a secret. If someone is unwilling to share, red flag!

The answers you receive on these five discussion topics will validate your leads. The more you know, the more closable they become. This information is crucial to establishing business relationships, making any kind of sale, funding rounds, and you have the right to ask before saying goodbye on the call.

Close more deals, make more money, establish long term relationships.

For advice on how to implement this strategy, reach out!

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